Round Table – 
Diversity in Science and Career Perspectives

Join us for an insightful round table panel debate focusing on the dynamic field of immunometabolism. Our panelists, representing key entities such as granting bodies, scientific journals, biotech companies, and clinical crossovers, will discuss critical topics that shape the future of scientific careers.


Discussion Topics:

  1. The Future Potential and Challenges of Immunometabolism

  2. Diversity in the Field: Current and Future Opportunities and Challenges

  3. The Interconnectedness of Research Disciplines: Clinical, Basic Science, and Industry Perspectives


This debate aims to inspire and guide students and early-career scientists by showcasing diverse career paths and emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in advancing the field of immunometabolism.


Thursday, June 27th.

15.10 – 16.10


Do you have a question for the panel?

Please use this link to submit your question relevant to the session. The moderators will choose the best questions and develop the session from those.


The panel

Kristine Williams – Novo Nordisk Fonden

Kristine Williams is scientific manager in at the Novo Nordisk Foundation, that excels in advancing human health and sustainability of the planet. With a background in biomedical research, she is dedicated to promoting fundamental and translational research for the improvement of global health. The Novo Nordisk Foundation’s commitment to fostering diverse scientific communities makes her insights invaluable for our debate on diversity in science and career perspectives. We’re excited to have Kristine on our panel to share her valuable insights

Patrick Schaefer – Associate Scientific Editor, Cell Metabolism

Patrick Schaefer is an Associate Scientific Editor at Cell Metabolism, bringing a wealth of expertise in metabolic research. His role involves overseeing cutting-edge scientific publications and ensuring the dissemination of high-quality research. Patrick’s perspective on diversity in science and career tracks in scientific publishing will enrich our discussion. We are delighted to have him join our debate panel to provide his expert perspective.

Alfredo Gimenez-Cassina – Scientific Editor, Nature Metabolism

Alfredo Gimenez-Cassina, a Scientific Editor at Nature Metabolism, is renowned for his expertise in metabolic research. He plays a crucial role in curating and promoting groundbreaking scientific discoveries. Alfredo’s dedication to fostering diversity within the scientific community makes his contributions to our panel discussion invaluable. We are pleased to have him on our debate panel to share his valuable insights.


Ditte Boilesen – CEO, CSO, and Founder at Loma Therapeutics

Ditte Boilesen, the CEO, CSO, and Founder of Loma Therapeutics, is a pioneering leader in the biotechnology industry. With a strong background in scientific research and innovation, she drives forward cutting-edge therapies. Ditte’s dedication to fostering diverse career paths in science makes her insights invaluable for our debate on diversity in science and career perspectives. We are thrilled to have her on our panel to share her valuable perspectives.

Joachim Stoltenberg Granhøj – PhD Student, CCIT, Herlev Hospital

Joachim Stoltenberg Granhøj is a PhD student at the Center for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT) at Herlev Hospital, specializing in cutting-edge cancer immunotherapy research. His academic journey and commitment to scientific advancement exemplify the importance of diverse perspectives in the scientific community. Joachim’s experience as an emerging scientist will provide valuable insights for our debate on diversity in science and career perspectives. We are excited to have him join our panel.


Thekla Cordes (Technische Universität Braunschweig) and Claus Desler (University of Copenhagen) will moderate the Round Table panels debate